Polish e-learing startup
Year 2013-2014
Vocabus is a modern platform through which anyone can master vocabulary faster, more comfortable and - above all – with better results. Learn English online via the platform is highly efficient , among other things:
- Powerful, but intuitive features such as the choice of appropriate materials, the system of repetitions or access to statistics that describe the level of knowledge
- Combination of images and sound: the most important allies in effective learning vocabulary. Fast English learning is not everything, pictures and sound are also a great chances for permanent acquisition of knowledge .
- Use research on the human mind, effective learning methods and mechanisms of forgetting.
The biggest challenge during creating the brand identity and promotional materials was applying proper graphic style. The biggest target group are school students, but Vocabus have to convince their parents and teachers to try the new software. So we had to create a setting that is both clean, elegant, professional and at the same time encouraging, interactive and young audience friendly.
Of course Vocabus is for everyone. Therefore, identification and visual messages must be getting both to children, adolescents and adults.
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